Home Studio Now Taking Zoom Calls


Raise your hand if you'd heard of Zoom before 2020? My hand is firmly at my side. Zoom was something the Jetson's did. Until 2020 I'm sorry to say I had only had very limited experience with Skype and nothing else. There just wasn't a need for it in my life or business, so why get good at using it? Up to that point,

meetings were in person and clients who wanted to listen in on a session with me from my home studio would connect via ISDN or Source Connect at a studio in their town or direct to my home studio on the good ol' fashioned land line. Well...the end of September things changed for me. I had a brand new client requesting a session via Zoom. I would record on my end and they'd listen in via Zoom. What??? Zoom??? That's the thing big businesses are using to connect employees for meetings, awards shows are using it on TV, the NBA is using it to make it look like there are fans in the audience, they can't possibly want to do a voice over session with me via Zoom? So, I did what any good small business owner would do...I said, "Sure, I can do that", and then figured out how to do it. It took a five-hour road trip to get a piece of equipment I needed (thank you, COVID), about 3 hours talking with two different engineers, but we got it figured out and it works like a charm. I must confess that we ended up doing the session via Google Meet but I'm certain Zoom will be in my near future and my rockin', newly upgraded home studio will be 100% ready, for REAL, this time!!