Amy Jeffries Voice Overs Takes The Plunge


I've taken the plunge I thought I never would. Social Media? Who needs that? Well, COVID-19 happened and I found myself doing a lot of thinking. That "thinking" landed me on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, plus a whole new website, complete with a blog.

Procrastination is my strong suit so I had been wanting a new website for a year or more one that marketing gurus could easily look at on their tablet over coffee in the morning or check on their phone on the train to work. I now have that! Props to my hubby for creating my first website 15 years ago. (Sorry, hubby, I had to go above your skill set on this one.) Feel free to poke around on the new website, learn a bit about me and my business, check out my new demos, bookmark my blog and then let me know what you think...but only if you like it!! Hello cyberspace...I've finally arrived.