Top Picks On My Day Off


Yes, I'm a voice actor but not on Sunday, February 7th, 2021. I took that day off to enjoy the "Big Game" as a lifelong fan of its commercials. First off, kudos to the ad agencies for managing to keep masks out of every single commercial. I was over the moon about that one!!!

Watching the Pizza Hut preshow was heavy on the Pizza Hut commercials for some reason? :-) I really did like all the nostalgia packed into that one...

from their throwback logo that they started using again, to the sit-down Pac-Man game, the lighting and all the red and white checkered patterns around the room including the ones literally threaded into Craig Robinsons' clothes. I felt like I was at a dine-in Pizza Hut restaurant from childhood again, which was fun. However, I was beyond done with this commercial by game time. I had seen it waaaayyyyy too many times. I guess that's what I get for starting to watch two and a half hours before kick-off.

One spot that caught me off guard was the Sam Adams commercial. I saw those beautiful horses come on screen and thought, "Hey, I thought Budweiser wasn't having a commercial this year!", then the horses got unhooked and the dialogue began. Boston accents make everything better, too!! The element of surprise had me putting that one second on my list this year.

Sorry but I'm a fan of Matthew McConaughey so the Doritos spot had me glued to the screen. A real switch from his Lincoln spots in the past. Fun to see him not take himself too seriously!

GM's use of SNL characters was neat to see and VERY unexpected. Will Ferrell is always a hoot to watch. Super funny spot, although I was surprised to hear him cuss twice in the spot. I mean you expect it when watching Will Ferrell but it caught me off guard during a Big Game commercial. Still a winner, though!!

M&M's handing out the bags of M&M's had my husband and I rolling!! We actually had to rewind it because we missed half of the commercial the first time we watched it because we were laughing so hard.

State Farm brought yet another fresh approach this year. Adrian Martinez (I LOVE his acting style), Paul Rudd (never takes himself too seriously) and Drake (what's NOT to like?) all did a phenomenal job connecting the humor!!

E*Trade with the kid lifting weights was another one that we were rolling on. The music in that one also added to it for me!!

Being a country music fan I could get behind the T-Mobile use of Blake Shelton. He's always funny. With all the tech use in the world today that made it EXTRA funny!!

I'm a big fan of nostalgic commercials AND Saturday Night Live, so my top pick won't surprise you and it will totally date me. I spent many a Saturday night in high school watching SNL's Wayne's World so seeing that iconic basement set, Wayne & Garth hadn't aged a day, the addition of the babies was awesome and Cardi B was genius to connect the old with the new. They are fun, she's fun and the spot was super fun to watch and had me smiling from ear to ear! Sooooo my top spot for 2021 goes to Wayne’s World - Wayne and Garth are Back | Uber Eats throwback commercial.